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Posts from May 2013
by Isis Jones posted May 13 2013 1:04PM
Submit your office request 5-pack then listen to Isis Jones to hear your songs played back on the radio!
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by Jon Lunceford posted May 5 2013 9:28AM
So you're probably wondering - what happened to the old Kiss website?  Well, it's gone, and this is our new offering to the people of Birmingham and the whole world wide web.  Welcome to the new 987Kiss.com!

As we begin a new adventure with Summit Media Group, we have changed up our web sites too.  Our websites are now fully responsive, so you can visit them on you computer, your tablet, or smart phone - the site will work anywhere.  We will also feature more blogs and social media presence from our on-air personalities throughout the site.  You can get up to minute entertainment and sports news at the bottom, and stay up to date with our Facebook and other social pages as well.
You'll have to pardon our progress as we get the new website set up.  It's going to be a new learning experience for all of us at 98.7 Kiss and Summit Media, but we are excited to take you along for the ride and hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!  If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us via the link above, or leave a comment below!
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