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  • Slow Metabolism? Check Your Hormones July 22, 2016
    When it comes to weight gain, blame it on the hormones. Based on research published by the Journal Of the American Medical Association, Mehmet Oz,…
  • STUDY: Rare Gum Disease Prevalent In Black Children July 22, 2016
    A study from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine highlights a rare gum disease targeting African-American children. If you have young children, you already know a…
  • Want To Bank Black? Terri Williams Discusses The Advantages July 22, 2016
    Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Terri Williams, the President of One United Bank to encourage African Americans to move their business to black owned institutionS. “We are opening up about a thousand accounts a day. There are 21 black banks around the country and we (One United Bank) are in Boston, Miami and […]
  • 3 Ways to Receive Clarity, Truth, and Understanding in Silence July 22, 2016
    Last week I didn’t post a blog because I didn’t have anything to say.  Not just through this written platform, but to anyone about anything.  I just wanted to be silent.  I felt recovery was necessary and silence was the antidote. During my week of silence, a business relationship changed.  My normal reaction would have […]

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