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  • Get Well Wednesday: All You Need To Know About Lupus October 19, 2016
        Dr. Jennifer Caudle is a Family Physician and Assistant Professor at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. She is an on air medical correspondent and appears on the TJMS, the Dr Oz Show, Fox News, HLN, CBS philly and others. Video: Website: Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @drjencaudle FB: Creator: FACTS ABOUT LUPUS: […]
  • Young First-Time Home Buyers Boost Market October 19, 2016
    WASHINGTON (AP) — For years, the U.S. housing market looked bleak for young couples hoping to buy their first homes but struggling with high student debt, low pay and meager down-payment savings. But a new survey by the real estate firm Zillow suggests that first-time buyers may be entering the market in greater numbers than […]
  • How Black Millennials Are Breaking Down The Digital Divide October 17, 2016
    With over 11.5 million Black millennials in the United States and $162 billion in generated revenue, the demographic is a game-changing influencer in the areas of tech and content.
  • Money Mondays: What You Need To Know This Year About Open Enrollment October 17, 2016
      Open enrollment is back again. What do people need to know?  We do talk about it every year because it is really important. This is the one time of year when people are able to make changes to their healthcare coverage and more. If you are covered through Medicare, the open enrollment period started […]

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  • 'Queen of Katwe' stirs hope in slum where film was born
    KATWE, Uganda (AP) — In a two-room shack in the heart of a Kampala slum, a barefoot 5-year-old boy is being taught how to move his pawns. He is one of scores of Ugandan children following in the footsteps of a local girl who became a chess champion and the subject of a new Disney […]
  • Review: Nathan Lane saves 'The Front Page' from fish wrap
    NEW YORK (AP) — You want the story? You want to really know what's up with "The Front Page" on Broadway? Well, pay attention, you lousy baboons. Here's what you need to know: This sap of a play is older than yesterday's news. But, I'll level with you. This is the God's honest truth: A […]
  • Celebrities among those long-suffering Chicago Cubs fans
    CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Cubs are trying to do something that hasn't happened in the lifetime of anyone born in the last 108 years: win a World Series.

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