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Heroin Use At 20 Year High in US

The number of heroin users in the United States has tripled since 2003 and heroin related deaths have increased five-fold according to the U.N.’s World Drug Report.

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  • 7 Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Get Enough Fiber June 24, 2016
    You probably already know the importance of ensuring you get enough fiber in your diet. Fiber intake affects all of your body systems including your…
  • Angela Bassett Creates Skin Care Line For Dark-Skinned Women June 24, 2016
    Angela Bassett has been acting for over three decades, but one one thing is constant: she looks great while doing it.  From her body to…
  • Ride Along: 2016 Chevy Cruze Premier June 24, 2016
    What’s Hot: This is definitely not your father’s (brother’s or sister’s) Cavalier or Cobalt, which served as previous mediocre compacts for Chevy, before the Cruze hit the scene a few years ago. However, by changing the name a generation ago, Chevy’s marketing team hoped they would infuse some life into their compact again. And with the new […]
  • 5 Foods You Should Eat Before You Go Out On A Date June 23, 2016
    It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or seventh date, dates can sometimes be nerve wrecking: what to wear, how to do your makeup,…

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  • Indian historical epic sweeps 'Bollywood Oscars'
    Indian historical epic "Bajirao Mastani" swept the "Bollywood Oscars" early Sunday, taking home awards for best director, best supporting actress and best male actor for leading man Ranveer Singh. The movie, which sees Singh play an 18th century Maratha warrior, picked up nine other technical awards at the International Indian Film Academy awards, including for […]
  • Clinton campaign offers chance to see Hamilton - at a cost
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton supporters will get a chance to see the hit musical "Hamilton" if they're willing to pay prices that are breathtaking even by Broadway standards.
  • Judge won't hear media request at Prince estate hearing
    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota judge overseeing Prince's estate case won't allow attorneys for several media companies to intervene in an upcoming hearing.

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