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  • How To Bounce Back After Losing A Job Unexpectedly May 31, 2016
    Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Financial Planner, Reshell Smith about how single women can bounce back financially after losing a job. Have money saved up: “You should have a plan. Today may not be the day for firing, but there could be layoffs. It’s hard to have six months of living expenses stacked away […]
  • Janet Jackson’s Trainer Shows You How To Get Her Famous Abs May 31, 2016
    Janet Jackson’s longtime trainer, Tony Martinez, wants to help you sculpt your body to achieve those sexy hard abs that the iconic pop singer is famous for. Tony says the cross-legged reverse crunch is “one of Janet’s favorite lower ab exercises.” He added: “it works the hips and core and gets her the definition in […]
  • Money Mondays: Credit Card Debt Nearing $1 Trillion Again May 30, 2016
    What do consumers need to know now about credit card debt, correct? That’s right. Credit card debt is almost always a bad thing, but in the wake of the great recession Americans really worked hard to pay down their credit cards, reducing the amount of debt that we collectively carried by nearly $200 billion. However, […]
  • RECIPE: Grilled Honey Apricot BBQ Wings May 29, 2016
      Chicken wings kissed on the grill are a must have for the summer season and this recipe delivers just that, with major flavor! The…

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