Apple’s Siri Saves Mans Life After Truck Falls on Him

18-year-old Sam Ray was working under his 1998 Black Dodge Dakota at his Rutherford County residence last month when the jack propping up the vehicle collapsed, pinning him under almost 5,000 pounds. The teen’s left hand was stuck under the truck, but he used his right hand to bang a tire iron against the vehicle.

No one was home, and out of sight from the road and out of earshot, Ray needed a miracle. He recalled praying, and that’s when he heard Siri’s voice from his back pocket. After a few tries, Ray was able to get his iPhone to call 911 by pressing his butt into the phone.

Ray couldn’t hear everything dispatchers said, but he heard someone initially say “hello.” And at first, Rutherford County dispatcher Christina Lee believed it was just a butt dial.

“We get a lot of pocket dials, and I thought it was a pocket dial at first,” she said. “But then I heard the screams for help.”

By triangulating Ray’s cellphone signal, the dispatcher generally knew his location. But it was quick thinking on Ray’s part that made the difference in saving his life.

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